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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For the poet in your heart....

This one is from someone called Bridget Walsh (read this somewhere in the www)...for all the aspiring poets (and those who asprired one day and have lost the soul in the forest of life)...a simple primer on the pleasure and pain of writing a poem

Creating a poem is difficult
Like anything worthwhile is
A new mother holds the result of her labour
In her arms as sweat cascades down her face
It is indefinitely worth the work, or so I have heard

Thinking is dangerous
Maybe I should stop
Humans only actively use ten percent of their total brain capacity
But despite the odds curiosity always gets me in the end
Just like the cat (how else did you think it died?)

This collaboration of my thoughts just may
Led to what some consider poetry
No rocket science here
Just three pounds of raw thought
Pensive, perplexed with a changing world

Too many comparisons based on entertainment
Everyone strives to be the social bufferfly
Replacing morals, Nintendo 64 and 275 cable channels become the new standard
Be an individual you say?
But that would require scrapping my pancake mind off the television
Perhaps moulding it into a into something 3-D
Something with substance

No prior recipe for success
No assured blue-print to happiness
I am the path cutter, the trendsetter, the future
I am important; or so they say
Yet what I think about world politics does not matter
Knowing you know that you know, can drive a person to the edge of insanity
When others are blind to everything but color

Stimulating, invigorating, intoxicating
Poetry is the air I drink
Life is the inspiration behind it
Here is my brain, an empty slate
Inspire me!

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