Friday, November 27, 2009

Bollywood stars in FRIENDS movie ... who is who??? Here is my pick.

Hey ... we all know the Friends couldn't have been FRIENDS without the wonderful star cast but ifffffff Bollywood is coming up with a movie on Friends then here is my suggestion for the star cast (explanation given like a good designer .. :-) )
1) Joey - John Abraham (Think Dostana - Joey's character needs brawn and dumbness)
2) Chandler - Abhishek Bachchan (Again...think Dostana)
3) Ross - Irrfan Khan (Toughest role to cast....the character needs tremendous self depreciation and crankyness...Irrfan suits...Think Metro)
4) Monica - Lara Dutta (Think No Entry....this role needs a tough and obsessive-ness that Lara Dutta has in oodles)
5) Rachel - Priyanka Chopra (Classy...saucy....nerdy...stylo...what else do u need)
6) Phoebe - Mallika Sherawat (Hmmmmm.....the fun casting...She can be the star....she has the crazy, dumb, simpleton, tough-cookie combo)

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